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InterChange Media Art Productions is a Seattle-based women owned, full service video production company with award-winning national and international collaborations that are committed to capturing the essence of your project or mission and transforming it into a compelling visual story. We pick up on the powerful intentions that motivate individuals, organizations and communities to present unique perspectives that inspire viewers. Our main focus is to put the eye of the camera on life saving values. Whether we are creating new ideas, shooting in the field or editing in our edit suite, we invest our hearts into everything we do, so it has to matter.

We produce advocacy videos, awards videos, brand marketing videos, commercials, educational videos, fundraising videos, institutional profile videos, public service announcements, television shows, training videos and short and feature length documentaries for social media platforms, television, the web, and public and private events. Since 2015, our videos have helped Washington state non-profits raise over $2.2 million.

We have successfully created and produced content for television, the web and social media sites. Our projects have been featured on National Geographic Channel and the United Nations and have been seen in over 100 countries. We are continually developing content that will air on local, national and global media platforms.

The Latest News

Saving Sea Turtles: Preventing Extinction

Having been on the planet for over a hundred million years, outliving the dinosaurs, all of the seven sea turtle species are now on the brink of extinction due to human causes. The world’s smallest and most critically endangered sea turtle, the Kemp’s Ridley may still face extinction in the next 50 years. This is the true story of courageous and compassionate people from New England to Mexico who are determined to save these ancient creatures from extinction.


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